I Ching, loosely translated, means the "Book of Changes." Its guidance has been around for over three thousand years and focuses upon teaching the correct use of our faculties and lifeforce. 

Whenever a person has something to do, the energy of spirit surrounding that task organizes itself into a configuration the represents its capacity to do the task at hand. Just as in Dafa, there is a binary mathematical principle at work within I Ching that communicates through symbols.  

Events are shaped by many factors.  The reading focuses upon the chief factors surrounding the situation.  It does not forecast unconditional success or failure. The results from the reading are based upon how we use our resources and our level of spiritual maturity.  In other words, the onus is on us.  There are a number of pre-determined questions that can be asked or you may custom one of your own. 

Destiny ($50.00)

Man is composed of three basic divisions: the animal part which is the source of physiological functions and emotions, a mental part which is the source of thoughts, and the divine part which contains the blueprints that regulate life. Initially, we are polarized between in the two lower divisions which leads to emotions and intellect dominating our lives. Our goal is to raise the self to the divine division of spirit in order to have ready access to the divine understandings through which peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity can be achieved.  Challenging situations are ordained by destiny but what we do and the outcome is up to us.

Situational Questions - $30.00

Specific questions have been formulated in the following categories: career, finances, relationship, marriage, business, education, family, legal issues and health.  You may also custom your own question.  

Additional Questions - $10.00

Further questions may be asked, if necessary.

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