About Destiny Dawning:

Iya'falola H. Omobola is a New Afrikan spiritual activist with more than thirty years of experience in spiritual counseling. Twenty of those years have also been involved in producing and publishing the online and hardcopy editions of Oya N'Soro, the ezine that addresses various spiritual mindsets, focusing upon those of Afrikan origin - http://oyansoro.com. She is an Ifa initiate and Orisha priest of Oya. Her focus is on assisting others in connecting with their Higher Consciousness in order to meet their destiny. She has authored a number of books including Heeding the Ancestral Call: A Collectively Individual Journey Back to Spiritual Basics, "Devil Ain't Nothin' But a Five Letter Word: A Self-Help Journal to Releasing Fear and She Threw A Stone Tomorrow. They can be found here - http://divinelyabundant.com/trilogy.htm.