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Welcome to Destiny Dawning...
We provide spiritual coaching to
assist you in remembering your
higher consciousness, connecting
to it and staying aligned within it.

Dafa is based upon Olodumare - the Yoruba word for Creator of All That Is. Out of Olodumare comes Ifa which is the essence of Truth found within Olodumare. Dafa is the wisdom of Ifa in human terms. It is an ancient African system that has managed to survive through the ages while showing those who adhere to its teachings how to do the same. 

Our spiritual readings combine the system of Dafa with Astrology and I Ching - age-old techniques with which to determine the energy affecting our daily lives.  You are given a wholistic measurement of the tools with which you were given to work with at birth and the lessons you have come here to learn within this lifetime.  You are also shown the energies that are currently present in your life and how you resonate within their vibration. 

Let us help you walk your walk and talk your talk.  Our charts are analytically indepth while keeping your pockets pretty much intact.  Our goal is to help you achieve the freedom to be the wonderfully unique being you were born to be.  There is no true price that can be placed upon the honor we receive by being of such service to you.  We only charge enough to make it have some value to you. 

We have a number of readings from which to choose. There are different types of Dafa readings as there are for Astrology, I Ching and Numerology; it depends upon the type of information you are seeking.  We will answer your questions concerning your reading and work with you to put an action plan into place. We also have a forum where you can ask questions and exchange ideas.

Simply click on the links on the menu and below to find out more about each service.

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